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ISCAS 2007 sponsored a student paper contest, for the first time.

The panel of Judges were:

Edgar Sanchez Sinencio
Texas A&M University

Tuna B. Tarim
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Thanos Stouraitis
University of Patras, Greece

Georges G.E. Gielen
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Eby Friedman
University of Rochester

Yehea Ismail
Northwestern University


The three winning papers for the student papers contest are:

First Place Winner
Paper Title: A Low Power BFSK Super-Regenerative Transceiver
Author: James Ayers
Affiliation:  Oregon State University


Second Place Winner
Paper Title: Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Conversion via Time-Mode Signal Processing
Author: Christopher Taillefer
Affiliation:  McGill University


Third Place Winner
Paper Title: Multi-Channel Coherent Detection for Delay-Insensitive Model-Free Adaptive Control
Author: Dimitrios Loizos
Affiliation:  Johns Hopkins University


Honorable Mention Papers:

Paper Title: Fault Tolerance Analysis of NoC Architectures
Author: Teijo Lehtonen
Affiliation:  Turku Centre for Computer Science
Paper Title: Noise-Coupled Multi-Cell Delta-Sigma ADCs
Author: Kyehyung Lee
Affiliation:  Oregon State University
Paper Title: Beamforming of Temporally-Broadband-Bandpass Plane Waves Using Real Polyphase 2-D FIR Trapezoidal Filters
Author: Thushara Gunaratne
Affiliation:  University of Calgary
Paper Title: A Novel Active Decoupling Capacitor Design in 90nm CMOS
Author: Xiongfei Meng
Affiliation:  University of British Columbia
Paper Title: Design, Analysis and Implementation of Integrated Micro-Thermal Control Systems
Author: Jennifer Blain Christen
Affiliation:  Johns Hopkins University
Paper Title: Ultra Low Power CMOS PLL Clock Synthesizer for Wireless Sensor Nodes
Author: Adnan Gundel
Affiliation:  New Jersey Institute of Technology
Paper Title: A CMOS Integrated Power Detector for UWB
Author: ken Townsend
Affiliation:  University of Calgary


The three winning papers for the live demos are:

First Place Winner
Paper Title: Data Matrix Code Recognition using the Eye-RIS Vision System
Author: Amanda Jimenez-Marrufo
Affiliation:  AnaFocus Innovaciones Microelectronicas SL


Second Place Winner
Paper Title: An On-line, Multi-Parametric, Multi-Channel Physicochemical Monitoring Platform for Stem Cell Culture Bioprocessing
Author: Xicai Yue
Affiliation:  Imperial College London


Third Place Winner
Paper Title: Thresholded Samplers foe UWB Impulse Radar
Author: Hakon A. Hjortland
Affiliation:  University of Oslo




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