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It’s really a Lagniappe!!

In Cajun slang, Lagniappe means something extra, and ISCAS 2007 is really a Lagniappe. On behalf of ISCAS 2007 and IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, I welcome you to the beautiful and historic city of New Orleans. New Orleans is the heart of great bayous; the melting pot of Cajun, Zydeco, and Creole cultures; the capital of Jazz music; and the home of Mardi Gras.

By attending ISCAS 2007, you are taking part and participating in history in the making:

  • You are participating in the 40th anniversary of ISCAS. Initiated in 1968, by a small group of distinguished circuit theorists, ISCAS has grown into a premier annual conference reflecting the diversity, richness, and significance of the circuits and systems fields, as well as the growing technological applications and knowledge economy that is based on circuits and systems fundamentals.
  • You are coming from all over the globe to take part in New Orleans’ recovery. You are bringing smiles, joy, and festivities back to our beloved city. ISCAS and you will be remembered for years...thanks for taking part in such a noble cause.
  • You have contributed to a hot and spicy (Cajun style) technical program. It is a streamlined program of very high quality, with a very focused technical program. It includes only 992 papers, organized in only 12 parallel tracks. A rigorously reviewed set of special sessions, focused on emerging technological and research issues, are also included. Industrial and academic scholars and developers have teamed up to offer a set of high quality tutorials on several emerging and significant topics in circuits and systems.

The outstanding technical program is attributed to the excellent contributions and hard work of the technical program committee, reviewers, and most important, the authors. All of these efforts have been led by our rising stars: Program Chairs, Nam Ling and Gianluca Setti. Through their beliefs in ISCAS’ mission and vision of where ISCAS should go, they produced an excellent streamlined program. I have been very fortunate to have them on ISCAS’ team.

One of the main highlights of the technical program is three keynote lectures by prominent researchers and leaders from industry and academia. They address the main theme of the conference "Circuits and Systems for Ubiquitous Computing, Sensing, and Perception". The distinguished list includes:

  • Greg Papadopolous, SUN Microsystems, Inc.
  • Dennis Buss, TI, Inc.
  • Rosalind Picard, MIT Media Lab

I am also pleased that ISCAS 2007 includes several firsts:

  • A student paper contest is taking place for the first time at ISCAS. Twenty finalists will participate at a poster presentation contest. The top three papers will be selected by a panel of judges.
  • A live demo contest among all the interactive demos special sessions. The top three will be awarded.
  • A streamlined technical program.

In addition to this stimulating and intellectually satisfying technical program, a colorful cultural and entertaining social program is planned. As a matter of fact, we will be in a celebrating mood during the entire duration of the conference. Welcome to New Orleans!!

  • On Sunday evening, a Jazz Festival will take place to welcome attendees to ISCAS 2007 and New Orleans. Get your dancing shoes ready!!
  • On Tuesday evening and night, the Mystick Krewe of ISCAS will be initiated through a Mardi Gras Ball. Be ready and imaginative for this historic event. (Black tie attire is highly recommended.)
  • On Wednesday evening, a goodbye and thanking festival of Cajun and Zydeco music is planned; do you remember the two-step?!

Many people, colleagues, and friends have helped in making this symposium a reality. Special thanks to CAS Board of Governors, Ex-Com, and ISCAS Steering Committee for their support and cooperation. My gratitude to all the members of the organizing committee for their dedication and working as a team. They have been keeping up with all of my "crazy" emails. I am honored to have such a team. Special thanks to Barbara and Tom Wehner of the Alliance Management Group; their dedication is unlimited. They are available 24/7, especially after midnight.

I am very grateful to my beloved University, The Center for Advanced Computer Studies, and the Computer Science Department. Without the support and cooperation of their faculty and staff, nothing could have been possible. My deep-heart thanks to Dr. Ray Authement, President, UL Lafayette. Without his personal continuous support, I would not be able to participate in these professional activities. Special thanks to my dear students who can keep up with my crazy schedule and multi-dimensional commitments. My hats off to Cathy Pomier, who keeps me on track, which is a monumental effort. Finally, I appreciate all the sacrifices of my wife and kids who have given up on me for a long time.

We are very proud to be hosting ISCAS 2007 and we are pleased to have you in New Orleans. We hope that ISCAS 2007 is a rewarding, informative, and stimulating experience. Finally, we invite you to actively participate in all the festivities and enjoy our unique culture, VIVE LA DIFFERENCE. Fasten your seatbelts and LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULEZ!!



Come and join us at ISCAS 2007 in New Orleans where the creativity of the mind, the imagination of the Jazz music, and the delicious spicy food meet.

See you there.



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Monday, March 10, 2008